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BlogOrlando 2008 - September 25-27th, 2008

The dates for the 2008 edition of BlogOrlando have been set, Sept 25-27th. Of course the big change is the main event is moving to a Saturday.

In the past I always debated about the Friday/Saturday thing, but this year we have some external forces....mainly the venue....we're just too big :-) In order to accommodate close to 300 people (like we had last year) we need to hold the event on Saturday.

Registration will be open shortly and we'll start to fill in the session leaders and schedule as well.

As I referenced in my previous post there will an invite only event on Thursday the 25th. The main event will kick-off Friday night with a reception and the full un-con and happy hour on Saturday.

If you're traveling in, then you can look to arrive on Friday and head back out on Sunday.

Of course we're always looking for sponsors to keep the event FREE. If you're interested let me know.

I know it's the same weekend as SxDS, but BlogOrlando has always been held at the end of September, and I wanted to keep that consistent.

More to come....



Nice! Looking forward to seeing registration open. I wonder if it'll be bigger than last year?


I had a great time last year at BlogOrlando. I have been looking foward to this year's BlogOrlando for months! I am glad you decided to put it together again!


I regret having missed this event, as it always looks so good. Planning to make it this time. Thanks for all the work that goes into doing something like this, Josh.

I'm new to Florida and am looking forward to coming to BlogOrlando this year. It sounds like a great event.

You should start using roman numerals on these ;) Kind of like the Super Bowl!

Where is this unconference held? Do they e-mail you details about where to go?

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